Translation Agency Aquila Translations

was founded with the aim to provide its clients with all types of professional translation/interpretation services within shortest deadlines, all the while guaranteeing top quality.

Vision of the Aquila Translation agency is to be the translation agency of first choice for all clients in the region.

In order to accomplish this, the agency established cooperation with the best translators/interpreters in the region. Professionals we work with, translators/interpreters for all world languages guarantee quality and reliability.

The agency offers all types of translation/interpretation services:

  • Regular and expert translations covering all areas

  • Translations verified by the court interpreter

  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation


Texts for translation can be submitted directly to the agency by post or electronically.

For clients outside Belgrade, verified translations by the court interpreter can be sent by post.

Court Interpreter is a translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice who, by his/her stamped verification, guarantees that the translation is true to the original i.e. to the source text which is subject of translation.

Translation of certain documentation, such as: legal documents, personal documents, excerpts from Court registries, statements, certificates, licenses, financial statements etc. must be verified by the court interpreter’s stamp which guarantees that the translation is the exactly identical to the original document. Therefore, when ordering translation verified by the court interpreter, the client must submit the original text to be translated, or its identical verified copy.